Clubbing : La toilette KantiK

On the occasion of FIAC 2018, La Toilette Kantik invites you to a unique trip to a concrete oasis filled with the sound of techno-based music, intertwined with performances in a kind of orgiastic dream. During a momentary pause from ordinary (FIAC) life, time-space becomes fluid. Experiment an immersive connected reality where human bodies meet together in a contemporary ritual infused with subversion and creativity.

Vidéo ,Excerpt from :
__”Reverso” : ReveRso

__”DOTCOM”: Regina Demina
__”PHAETON” : Regina Demina

Soundtrack :
__ Pan Daijing :



Oct 18 2018


22 h 00 min - 6 h 00 min


10 euros
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